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Endorsement Message

  • Pragya Tomar
  • Richard Matsushita
  • Jaewon Lee
Dear Prospective students,

It is a great pleasure to recommend to you Shepherd University’s Visual FX Animation & Game Art program. Shepherd University was founded as a professional training center for students looking to advance their studies within the visual effects and gaming industry. They have developed a curriculum that contains all of the techniques and tools necessary for today’s artist to succeed in the increasingly competitive world of digital production. All of our courses are open to individuals with the necessary background or prerequisites. We’ve put together an industry standard of hardware and software tools to allow students to learn and compete in the real world.

Shepherd University is an innovative training facility that stresses the importance of creativity in computer graphics. We believe that, while technology offers new tools to create your visions, it is our ultimate goal to allow you to interact transparently with the software.

At Shepherd we know that it is not the technology that drives results, but the artist. Therefore, our instructors are industry professionals with traditional backgrounds who started using the technology to bring their imaginations to life.

For more information, please visit the school website at


Pragya Tomar
VFX Technical Director
Nickelodeon Animation Studios
Dear Prospective students,

I am much honored to endorse Shepherd University’s Digital Arts VFX and Animation & Game Art and Design program. This high tech, cutting edge, state of the art, digital school is on its way to becoming the global leader in digital art education. We’ve put together an industry standard of digital art software tools to allow students to learn and compete in the real world. What kind of team do we have here? All of our staff or my colleagues are all working industry professionals in film, game, and multimedia. I am confident and comfortable to inform students, that Shepherd University will provide, prepare, produce, that will allow you to conquer your path into the next generation in visual effects and the game industry.

Whether if you’re on your way to create the next hottest game or be part of the big screen in Hollywood, we welcome you to our digital program.

For more information, please see visit the website @


Richard Matsushita
3D Generalist
Twentieth Century Fox
I am very delighted to introduce Shepherd University to prospective students.

Shepherd University is located near Hollywood, where the global industries of film making and digital content are concentrated. This is the area where numerous movie, animation, and game companies such as Universal Studio, Disney Interactive, DreamWorks Animation, Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Sony Pictures are located.

We know that the CG industry is very rapidly growing in Korea as well. While studying, you will have a chance to learn cutting edge technology and gain real world project experience.

The professors at Shepherd University are very proficient in both theory and practical skills as they have hands-on experience in the industry. They teach practical know-how and technology that are currently being used in the movie, animation, and game industries in the USA. Within this practical education, students will be able to choose his/her specific major and to create a successful career. After graduation, students are eligible for legal work authorization through OPT (Optional Practical Training). By working in the industry in the United States, students will be able to practice and have a real world experience in the field of their studies. Although you may return back to Korea to contribute to its CG industry, the experience you gain at Shepherd University will enable you to be a global leader in your field.

If you like movies and games, consider making it your career. If your dream is to step forward into a bigger world, to create and contribute to the industry, consider starting at Shepherd University.

Jaewon Lee
Senior Modeler, DreamWorks