Hollywood CG School of Digital Arts has participated in G-Star 2014. There were around 617 game related contents companies from 35 countries through all over the world and there were over
200,000 visitors who were interested in Game Arts industry.

At International Game Exhibition, Shepherd University displayed and showed the FPS(First Person Shooting) game which was developed by faculty and students. The FPS game was developed by using Unity 3D Engine and Oculus Rift VR.

During the exhibition period, there were endless line to watch our works and also the staff of Oculus and Unity were impressed very highly by visiting our booth. Even the average waiting time was 40 to 60 minutes to play the game, the visitor do not complaint any and kept the line in patient.

The visitors who have played our game they said like this;
“It’s awesome and amazing that such an excellent game was made by a University”
“I know why all the visitor was standing in a line. I recommend strongly this game.”
“Only Shepherd University has demonstrated a real something among the university’s booth.”

2014 G-Star Oculus Rift VR Demo video game project: http://youtu.be/hXbMzTyxcwI