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Richard Matsushita

Richard Matsushita

< Biography >
Twentieth Century Fox
Sony Image works Technical Director
Square USA CG Generalist/Animator
Digital Domain Technical Director/Generalist
Scoundrel VFX Senior Modeler/Generalist
Zoic Studios Technical Director
Hammerhead Productions Generalist Technical Director
Cobalt FX Senior Lead Technical Director
Warner Bros Studios Technical Director
Centropolis Effects Technical Director/ Modelor
Heavy Iron Studios Senior CG Generalist/Animator
Rainmaker Pictures Senior CG Generalist/Animator

< Visual Effects Work >
X-Men First Class
I Am Number Four
The Green Hornet
Clover field
The Chronicles of Riddick
Fantastic 4(Rise of the Silver Surfer/2007)
The Fast and the Furious(Tokyo Drift),
Fantastic Four(2005)
The Matrix Reloaded
Max Q
The X Files

< Animation Work >
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Meet The Robinson’s –stereoscopic 3D Imax
BeoWulf -3D
Monster House

< Game Art Work >
Need for Speed
Parasite Eve
Evil Dead II
Evil Dead I
Scooby Doo

< DEMO Reel >

< Award >
1999 Emmy Nominee for “Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries Or A Movie” Max Q , Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Inc