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Full Scholarship Program to Develop Global Leaders in Digital Arts

The Hollywood CG School of Digital Arts is offering full scholarships to creative students to support the next generation of global leaders in entertainment and digital content. This full scholarship will be offered to students who have an excellent academic background (GPA and SAT/ACT score). The application can also be supplemented with a portfolio if it’s available. Applicants who are not fully qualified may be considered for partial scholarships.

Other Scholarships in HCG School of Digital Arts

  • Special scholarships for talented students who have won awards in any contests related to Digital Arts such as computer graphics, character, animation, VFX, design, etc.
  • Continuing education scholarships for students who are currently working in the Digital Arts industry.
  • Teaching assistantships for qualified graduate students or applicants.
  • Additional scholarships include Portfolio Scholarship, Pastor Dependent Scholarship, and Family Scholarship.