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What makes HCG School Unique?


HCG School of Digital Arts at Shepherd University is located in Los Angeles, right next to Hollywood, where the global industries of filmmaking and digital content are concentrated. Universal Studios, Disney Interactive, DreamWorks, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Blizzard, Riot Games, and countless more are located here. It’s a perfect atmosphere for an education based on the latest technology and practical work experience.

With a special concentration on producing digital entertainment content, HCG School of Digital Arts focuses on producing qualified and talented professionals to meet industrial needs.

Project oriented education

Lectures and projects are concentrated towards actual work to produce graduates with competitive skills. To educate talented people and get them ready to work immediately after graduation, we offer a project oriented education that must be exciting opportunities for top students. Students can increase practical, cutting edge skills through such a practical curriculum. re21832187

High quality portfolio production

The “reel” or personal portfolio is part of the resume in VFX & Animation, Game Art & Design. HCG School strengthens the student’s job opportunities through a high quality portfolio which reflects his or her personal ability.

Learning from working professionals

Our professors have worked with Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Disney Interactive, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Twentieth Century Fox, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, and Warner Brothers on many projects including Avatar, Transformers 3, Star Wars Episode 1(3D), Kung Fu Panda, 2012, How to Train Your Dragon(3D), X-Men First Class, Shrek, Wanted, Matrix, Fantastic 4, God of War, Medal of Honor, Socom, and many more.

Collaborate with globally recognized
Cornel School of Contemporary Music
at Shepherd University.

Enhance visual projects by collaborating with students in our Cornel School of Contemporary Music.

High Tech Facilities & Equipment

Shepherd provides a modern educational environment with high tech facilities including a VFX & animation lab, game art & design lab, computer lab, recording studio, cinematic studio, group study lab, project room, 350 seat auditorium, and high tech equipment.