Tuition and Fees


Financial Information

Many of our students have received a considerable amount of discounts towards their academic expenses because of the generous educational grants that are donated to the University. Many individuals and worship facilities have expressed a great concern for our student body as well as our future leaders, who continue to contribute and support our student body.

The information provided in this section provides a breakdown of Shepherd University’s fees that relate to the ESL program for the 2017~2018 academic school year. These rates are subject to change without notice through the actions of the Board of Directors. The university reserves the right to assess new charges in relation to rising costs.

ESL Tuition & Fee information

Program Degree Tuition
Unit Term(minimum)
ESL N/A $225 $2,700 (term/12wks)
ESL + Degree Program N/A $150 $1,800 (term/12wks)
Activity Fee $15/term
Service Fee $10/term
Registration Fee $10/term
Application Fee $60/once
I-20 Fee (International students only) $75/once