Theology Forum> on Oct. 29, 2015. Prof. Abraham Oh presents his article on “The Meaning of Disciple of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew” at the 12th on Oct. 29, 2015. In this article he points out that the meaning of disciple of Christ can be found in Jesus’ sermons [...]


We’ve invited a new faculty. He is going to serve as a Dean of School of Theology and will teach starting 2015 Fall Semester. DR. ABRAHAM K. OH Dr. Abraham Oh is an ordained pastor. He has served as a pastor and seminary professor. He earned a D.Miss degree from Grace [...]

New student testimony : ANDY CHUNG(M.DIV.)

What I did before Shepherd I graduated from the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry, which is an in house seminary training program for the Calvary Chapel network of churches. In 2013, I was ordained a Calvary Chapel pastor. Currently, I’m serving as the lead pastor of the English Ministry at [...]

New Faculty : John Emory McKenna

John Emory McKenna Professor of Old Testament: Old Testament Studies The Reverend John Emory McKenna, Ph.D. I graduated from Princeton University with an AB in Physical Chemistry, and after three years of service with the U.S. Army Security Agency, I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity [...]

We Want to Make Our Students More Like Jesus

“… to educate men and women to be the leaders to serve the church and to improve the world through the excellent programs of Christian higher education.” Such is the mission statement of Shepherd University. During a time in which standards in secular higher education are starting to move farther [...]


Theology Forum> on Sep. 26, 2014. Prof. John McKenna presented his research paper on “The Contingency of the World” at the 10th on Sep. 26, 2014. In this paper he surveyed the history of the concept of “The Contingency of the World” in our history and its relationship to the [...]


We’ve invited two new faculties. They are going to work from this spring. DR. EDMOND RAZAFIMANANTSOA Dr. Edmond Razafimanantsoa is native of Madagascar. He is an ordained minister of the Reformed Church of Madagascar. He has served as a pastor, chaplain, Bible college and seminary professor.  Before he came back [...]


Spring: Thursday, January 24, 2013 Welcome New and current students are invited to experience Student Orientation at Shepherd University! Be prepared for fun, informative, and meaningful events. The Student Orientation will help you to be acquainted with faculty, staff and students so that you can feel at home, settle in, [...]


Welcome You are welcomed to join and enjoy God in worship. Regularly scheduled chapel services for students, faculty, and staff are held for times of corporate worship, exhortation and the opportunity to minister. Chapel times strengthen our community as we encourage and pray for one another, and share praise reports [...]


There will be a prayer night once per month to promote spiritual growth through prayer and worship after class. The schedule will be arranged and posted monthly. If you have question or prayer concerns, contact Dr. Witness Oh at extension 8230.