Students receive a considerable discount in their expenses because of generous educational grants given to the university by various donors. Many churches and individuals who have a great concern for the students as future leaders have already contributed to support their education.

The information provided in this section reflects Shepherd University’s education prices for the 2014~2015 academic year. These rates are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Directors. The university reserves the right to assess new charges in relation to rising costs.

Tuition Information

Program Degree Tuition
Theology BABS $593 per unit (On Campus)
$335 per unit (E-Learning)
M. Div. $400 per unit  
D. Min. $420 per unit  

*장학 혜택: 미래의 탁월한 사역자를 양성하기 위하여 쉐퍼드 대학교에서는 요건에 해당되는 신학대학 학생들에게 장학금을 지급합니다. 장학금을 받을 수 있는 요건에 해당되는지를 확인 하기 위하여 지금 신학대학 323-550-8888 (8230)에 전화 하십시요.

장학금 해당자 요건: 재정적 어려움, 목회 사역자, 학업 우수자, 학교와 사회 기여자, 학교 일 병행 가능자.

General Fees
Application Fee $120
Registration Fee $20
Late Registration Fee $100
Late Tuition Fee 10% of Tuition (15% after a month)
Add/Drop Fee $10
Student Activity Fee $50
Student Association Fee $15
Student Service Fee $215
Graduation Service Fee $300(Undergraduate) $350(Master)
Official Transcript Fee $10 per copy
Unofficial Transcript Fee $5 per copy
Returned Check Fee $35 per check
Auditing Fee
Undergraduate & Graduate 30% of a unit price/ each program
Thesis Fee (for Thesis or Dissertation Review)
Undergraduate $150
Master $200
Doctoral $750
Misc. Fee
OT Pre-requisite Fee (M.Div Program only) $150/once
NT Pre-requisite Fee (M.Div Program only) $150/once
Continuation Fee 1 Unit Tuition
Explanation of Deposits and Fees

Application Fee

New students pay a small fee to cover the processing of their application. Non-refundable.

Registration Fee

A fee is paid by all students once per semester, to cover expenses associated with registration. Non-refundable.

Late Registration Fee

On a designated date during the second half of each semester, we conduct registration for the following semester. Students need to meet with their academic advisor, and turn in the forms to the registrar. A student who does not make his/her appointments and properly submit all paperwork (including the textbook order form) for registration will be charged a late registration fee.

Late Tuition Fee

If student does not pay the tuition by the tuition due day, student will be assessed a late payment charge based on the amount of his/her outstanding balance. An additional 10% of total tuition (including general fees) will be charged for the late tuition fee, and 15% of total tuition will be charged after a month from the tuition due date. Failure to pay the outstanding balance may result in a hold on the student’s academic records.

Add/Drop Fee

If, after the start of the semester, you realize that you need to drop or add a course, you may do so within a certain period at the beginning of the semester without additional charge. (See the calendar in the front of this catalog for the exact dates.) To add or drop a course after the stated period of the start of the semester, students must pay the Add/Drop Fee for each time.

Student Activity Fee

A fee is paid by all students once per semester to cover expenses associated with student activities. Non-refundable.

Student Association Fee

A fee is required for all students. It covers funding for campus clubs, student organizations, and student advocacy efforts, and supports the general operation costs of the Shepherd University, School of Theology Student Association. Non-refundable.

Student Service Fee

Required of all students, the Student Service Fee covers services which benefit students and which are complementary to the instructional program. The Fee supports various student services, such as counseling, library access, technology and equipment, student assessment processing, and educational and career support services. Non-refundable.

Graduation Fee

Upon graduation, candidates will need to submit the graduation check form with the fee. Shepherd University, School of Theology will provide various services including the rental of your graduation robe. This fee offsets the university’s costs for graduation. It covers the cost of the student’s diploma, cap and gown, and all Commencement activities regardless of attendance.

Transcript Fee

Throughout your career you will occasionally need “official” copies of your transcript to be sent to employers or other universities. Shepherd University, School of Theology will send an official transcript upon your request and upon the receipt of the payment of the then-current transcript fee.

Returned Check Charge

If payment is made by check and the check is returned for any reason, we will charge back the amount of the check plus the returned check charge.

Auditing Fee

Auditing a course allows a student to take a class without benefit of a grade or credit for the course. The course is offered only on a space-available basis with the approvals of both the instructor and the dean. A fee will be applied for auditing a course.

Thesis Fee

The Thesis fee is for reviews of thesis or vision statement for Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Master of Divinity students; and dissertation review for Doctor of Ministry students.

OT Pre-requisite Fee

All entering M.Div students must fulfill the Old Testament pre-requisite. A fee is required for all students to take the OT pre-requisite course.

NT Pre-requisite Fee

All entering M.Div students must fulfill the New Testament pre-requisite. A fee is required for all students to take the OT pre-requisite course.

Continuation Fee

An enrollment fee is paid by students who continuously need to enroll without taking courses before the completion of the graduation requirements. The Fee amount corresponds to 1 unit of tuition fee for each program.

Payment Schedule

Tuition and Fees

All students must pay tuition and fees in full by the appropriate due date to participate in classes. If students fail to do so, the school may ban students from attending classes.

Deferred Payment Plan

In case of financial hardship, students may apply for the deferred payment plan 2 weeks prior to registration. The deferred payment plan may be granted selectively. Note that the deferred payment plan is not available for Winter and Summer Modular courses.

Unpaid Accounts

Students who do not maintain current financial accounts with the university will be denied the privilege of classroom attendance beginning five days after the payment is due. Absences will be counted until the payment is made in full or until withdrawal is instituted.
A student whose account is not paid in full (including tuition and fees) by the end of the semester will not be allowed to reenroll in the subsequent semester.

Shepherd makes exceptions to this policy only with the approval of the President. In those cases where the university elects to make an exception, the student is required to sign and comply with an approved payment agreement. If the student withdraws from the university without paying the account in full, the payment plan becomes void and the university has the right to collect the unpaid amount immediately. Should the university find it necessary to use the services of a collection agency or attorney, the former student is responsible for all court costs, reasonable collection and litigation fees, up to 200 percent of the balance due.
A student will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies and receive grades, a certificate, diploma, degree, transcript, or letter of recommendation until all financial obligations have been satisfied in accordance with the university’s financial policies.

Tuition Refunds

If you find it necessary to withdraw from the university, you may be eligible for a refund for part of your tuition. (We do not give refunds for fees, nor audited courses.) In order to qualify for a refund, you must notify the Administration Office of your intent to withdraw. As part of the withdrawal procedure you must settle all accounts. If you do not follow the withdrawal procedure, you will receive a grade of “F” for all courses and will forfeit eligibility for any tuition refunds. Students who are dismissed or suspended from the university are not eligible for any refunds.

Student Right to Cancel and Refund

Students who cancel their enrollment agreement and withdraw during a term may receive a refund of tuition based upon the date they withdraw. Fees are nonrefundable. Students who withdraw by the first class session of a term are not charged tuition, receiving a 100 percent refund. Students who withdraw on or before 60 percent of the attendance period (term or semester) receive a pro rata refund. No refund is made after 60 percent of the attendance period. Students who receive federal financial aid are entitled to a refund of tuition not paid from federal financial aid.
If the student decides to cancel the agreement, any payment the student has made shall be returned within 45 days following Shepherd’s receipt of the cancellation notice. In order to cancel this agreement with Shepherd, the student shall mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of “Leave of Absence” and “Shepherd University Refund Application” to the pertinent administrative office.

Enrollment Time Weeks Refund
0-6.6% 1 100%
6.7%-13.1% 2 93.3%
13.2%-19.8% 3 86.8%
19.9%-26.5% 4 80.1%
26.6%-33.2% 5 73.4%
33.3%-39.9% 6 66.7%
40%-46.6% 7 60%
46.7%-53.3% 8 53.3%
53.4% to 60% 9 46.6%
After 60% 10~15 0%