[ Motto ]  
“For the Lord, to the World”

Its motto captures the spirit of the School: “For the Lord and to the world.”  Within the American evangelical tradition, School of Theology focuses on evangelism and discipleship as its educational core.  It tries to combine theological knowledge with personal discipleship; and to approach professional Christian ministry from a “missional” perspective.  Its Mission Statement expresses that it exists to educate competent ministers “for the Lord and to the world” through excellent academic programs.


[ Mission ]  
“To prepare competent leaders
for the Lord and to the world
through excellent academic programs of ministerial leadership”

School of Theology’s mission is consistent with the University’s mission. Moreover, School of Theology has played a central role in shaping and realizing the University’s foundational commitment to Christian higher education.  In other words, the University essentially depends on School of Theology to inform and sustain its Christian identity and values as well as to provide leadership in educating its students in the Bible and theology.