New student testimony : ANDY CHUNG(M.DIV.)

What I did before Shepherd
I graduated from the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry, which is an in house seminary training program for the Calvary Chapel network of churches. In 2013, I was ordained a Calvary Chapel pastor. Currently, I’m serving as the lead pastor of the English Ministry at Living Water Mission Church located in Cerritos.

How I came to know about/attend Shepherd University
I was introduced to the school by my father who is also a pastor currently serving in Korea. He was visiting LA to talk to Shepherd about working towards a D.Min degree here and I came with him initially just to give him a ride.
But I ended up speaking to Dr. Shalom Kim and sharing about my own heart and desire to continue in my pastoral education. I had initially thought Shepherd was a Korean school, which it predominantly is, but I really appreciated the effort and progress the school had made over the years to become main stream. So I began to pray about attending this university.

Impression of Shepherd
When I first visited, I was given a tour of the facility with my father. The nice facilities and quality of equipment was great but that wasn’t what impressed me actually. What made a strong impression was the heart of this University’s investment. I personally had a very negative impression of Korean Christian universities in the SoCal area in general because many of them just do not invest in their own future, and therefore end up wasting the precious time and money of young students. However, with Shepherd, I could appreciate their devotion to really developing the school to be recognized in the mainstream world of education. That was the biggest impression. I think that carried over to the orientation as well.
There was a lot of emphasis on God’s miraculous guidance and provision over the School of Theology. There was a real sense of a close knit community here, which I believe you can only really enjoy in the early stages of a growing university.
I haven’t had much time to meet the entire faculty yet, so I look forward to building great relationships here at Shepherd in the near future.

My Vision
During my ordination process, I really got down on my knees to seek direction and guidance from the Lord and at the time I was reading and studying through the book of Colossians and in His grace and sovereignty, God gave me a couple of passages showing me my calling as a pastor (Colossians 1:28-29) and the picture of the type of church I am to lead (Colossians 3:16-17). And so my personal vision as a pastor is to be a “Jesus centered pastor; leading a Jesus centered church.”
The current vision of our church is “A Jesus Centered Church” and our mission is “Existing to glorify God through Jesus centered worship, community, and missions.” So as you can see, I have a serious obsession with Jesus in everything that I do.

How I believe Shepherd will help me fulfill these visions/missions
My desire (God willing) is that I continue to study and grow in some capacity as long as my body and mind can keep up. I personally believe that a pastor who stops learning will start fossilizing. So whether that’s me going to getting a Th.M, Ph.D or whatever degrees there are, I’m not sure. But one thing I know is that I want to continue to learn and be trained to be the faithful servant and pastor God desires me to be.
I believe there are great instructors at Shepherd and I believe that there are great students here as well and I look forward to learning from both groups during my time here. Currently I’m only taking the Vision and Mission of life class with Dr. Shalom Kim and it has already been a very interesting class to be a part of.