Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (B.A.B.S)
The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies program offers students an opportunity to academically and critically explore the traditional Christians faith and practice. This program emphasizes a systematic, comprehensive and critical study of the Christian Scriptures and major Christian theological doctrines, spiritual disciplines, and ministry practices. Students are trained to perform basic leadership skills in their disciplinary areas for further graduate studies as well as to serve as pastoral staff, evangelists or lay leaders at any church, mission organization or work setting with Christian ethics and values.

Master of Divinity (M.DIV)
The Master of Divinity program is designed to equip dedicated Christians for various ministries within the church setting, which include the ordained ministries of instruction and church leadership. This program emphasizes the development of skills in studying and communicating the Christian Scriptures and theological traditions. The program further seeks to build leaders to model and facilitate Christian spiritual formation and communal practices by demonstrating firm leadership in their area of study for further study at the doctoral level, firm professional leadership as a full or part-time ordained minister at any church or mission organization, and firm managerial leadership at any work setting with Christian ethics and values.

Doctor of Ministry (D.MIN)
The Doctor of Ministry is the most advanced professional degree for persons in the ministry of churches. Distinguished from academic Ph.D. and Th.D. programs, the D.Min. places primary emphasis on theological learning and research in the context of the ministry practice. The course of study includes on-campus and on-site study, research, and writing.