Message from the Board

A Message from the Board

I sincerely welcome and appreciate your interest in Shepherd University.

Christian principles, Shepherd University was established with great effort to cultivate each student to be an active, reliable, and productive person, who not only opens doors to the future, but breaks through them. At Shepherd University, we are proud to provide talented and experienced professors, teachers, and mentors, whose higher education degrees, teachings, and life experiences have given them a higher range of academic professionalism to integrate knowledge, passion, and up-to-date techniques in the classroom.

I assure you that Shepherd University is the place to build your dreams and secure your future through religious based curriculums and experiences. Begin your journey at Shepherd University where honor, courage, dignity, and an eternal understanding of the divine can be a sacred part of your education. Whatever your dreams and visions are, Shepherd University is here to help you realize them.

I wish you success and grace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.