Message from President

Welcome Message from President

It gives me great pleasure to warmly welcome you to Shepherd University!

Shepherd University is a progressive institution in the realm of higher education in America, in the same way Harvard and Yale were when launched by Christians. Like such institutions, Shepherd University’s mission in the field of education is inspired by a vision to build a learning environment dedicated to spiritual vitality, academic brilliance, and professional competence. Shepherd University strives to liberate students to explore, create, challenge, and become effective leaders versed in the messages of Jesus Christ. We empower our students by helping their visions and dreams grow through shared values, diversity, experience, respect, and faith. With special programs and community outreach programs available and encouraged, the curriculum and opportunities at Shepherd University are both exciting and aspiring. I hope you find Shepard University as exhilarating and enriching as I do.

With Best Blessings,