Non-Academic Counseling

20107205The pastoral services of Student Affairs offer non-academic counseling to all currently enrolled students at Shepherd University. The chaplain and designated staff provide this personal counseling so that students can acquire the appropriate abilities and attitudes which will enable them to cope with the stresses and challenges of student life. The available counseling issues include student’s emotional, psychological, relational, and even spiritual problems and crises. And the counseling services help students experience healing, support, guidance, coaching, and reconciliation in resolving their own concerns.

Individual counseling is offered in a confidential setting to assist students in achieving personal and educational goals. In order to maintain feelings of trust and safety, the basic information concerning services will be considered confidential. There are two exceptions to this general confidentiality: (1) In instances where there is imminent danger of serious harm to the student or another person and (2) In cases involving physical and/or sexual abuse of a child or mentally disabled person or an elderly person. In case of further assistance, referral for services will depend on individual student needs and referrals to various other professional counseling offices off campus may be made according to student need. Finally, Shepherd’s counseling does not provide treatment for substance abuse or serious chronic psychiatric disorders and does not provide psychological, psychiatric, or disability evaluations.

17197890All registered students are members of the Student Association. Activities of the Association are supported through a student fee and individual gifts. The officers of the Association—President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer—are elected annually by the members.