Dr. Richard Cornel Rhee is the president of Shepherd University. In the February of 2007, He was appointed by the governing board of the Shepherd University for the term of four years, which is renewable. Dr. Richard Cornel Rhee is a visionary leader. He originally founded the university in 1999 with the vision to found an excellent program of Christian higher education in the heart of Los Angeles and to serve general public and immigrated communities in particular.

He has many years of experience as an entrepreneur. For instance, he was the president of several mega companies which he founded and managed in South Korea. However, he looked at the world with a bigger perspective and had a sense of calling to move forward with vision. He found a calling to establish the programs of Christian higher education that serve the immigrant communities and give them an opportunity to thrive and live in prosperity in this land of opportunity. With the initial establishment of the Theological School, his vision continues to grow expand the programs to help educate young men and women to be the leaders the world.

With the formation of the board of directors, Dr. Richard Cornel Rhee was appointed as the President of Shepherd University redundant. Shepherd University’s recent success and ongoing development is due to his tremendous leadership, uncompromised faith, beautiful collegiality with faculty, staff and students, and creative entrepreneurship. Leadership team for this WASC accreditation showed that he is determined to make accreditation a number one priority for the sake of the university and to grow the community of scholars and students as a whole. He is making a tremendous breakthrough in the overall management and development of the school that is consistent with the vision and mission of the university.