Disability Services

At Shepherd University, providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities is a campus-wide responsibility and commitment. Disabilities include, but are not limited to, orthopedic, visual, hearing, learning, chronic health and psychological disabilities. Shepherd University demonstrates its core values of individual growth and development and civility and diversity by recognizing students with disabilities as an important part of its student body.
Our mission is to empower students to reach their potential in every aspect of their lives by moving beyond success to significance through education, services, and support.

The steps on how to register with DSSP describe the process for obtaining services at Shepherd University. You should familiarize yourself with this process as soon as you have decided to attend Shepherd University in order to ensure that your services are in place at the beginning of your first semester. Please remember that applicable documentations, such as physician’s certificate, are necessary when requesting accommodations.
*Please note that the University is not required to provide accommodations that result in a fundamental alteration of the program instruction.

Step 1. Read Services provided by DSSP (available at Registrar office)

Step 2. Complete the Application for Services (form available at Registrar office)

  • Service animal users are not required to register with DSSP unless additional accommodations or services are needed.
Step 3. Obtain documentation forms from Registrar office according to your disability
  • Verification of Impairment: communication, deaf/hard of hearing, physical/medical disabilities, or visual
  • Verification of Mental Health Evaluation: psychological disabilities
  • Verification of AD/HD: attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD)
Step 4. Submit forms to your healthcare professional for completion

Step 5. Return to Registrar office via mail, hand delivery or fax at 323-550-1313
  • Registrar office will schedule a follow-up meeting within 14 business days.
Step 6. Meet Registrar to finalize registration and discuss your needs.

Application/service Forms

Informative Forms