Dr. Juan Carlos Ortiz

Dr. Ortiz has graduated in 1954 from Instituto Rio de La Plata in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.He has taken numerous courses around the world. For two years he pursued intense theological studies and was examined by Theologians of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in the United States and later by the Theologians of the Reformed Church of America, where he was ordained as a Reformed Minister.In 1989 Dr. Ortiz was granted an Honorary Doctorate by the California Graduate School of Theology

Dr. Juan Carols Ortiz is Senior Pastor Emeritus of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. In 1956 he was ordained in the Christian Assemblies of Argentina and at present he is a days in Buenos Aires from 1966 – 1978

His vast experience in discipleship and small groups has taken him to conventions, congresses, universities, seminaries and churches in five Continents.He has been a professor in a Bible College, Instituto Biblico Rio de la Plata in Argentina and at present he is professor at the Robert Schuller School of Preaching, which operates in the campus of the Crystal Cathedral and at Shepherd University in Los Angeles.

He also continues to accept some of the many invitations from around the world and from the U.S. to teach at conferences and seminaries of different denominations.For five years, Dr. Ortiz produced the television series, La Hora de Poder, which was aired in twelve countries in Latin America. He has also produced two radio series.Dr. Ortiz is in the Advisory Committee for the Church Planting of the RCA, Classis of California.

His books are world renown: DISCIPLESHIP, CALL TO DISCIPLESHIP, THIS GOSPEL WILL BE PREACHED, THE CRY OF THE HUMAN HEART, LIVING WITH JESUS TODAY AND GOD IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.Some of these have been translated into most European and Asiatic languages.


D.D. California Graduate School of Theology
M.Div. Instituto Biblical Rio De La Plata, Argentina


Pastor Emeritus in the Crystal Cathedral
Founder of six churches in Buenos Aires Argentina
Professor of Bible College in Argentina and Robert Schuller School for Preaching
Author of best sellers: Disciple, Call to Discipleship, Living with Jesus Today, ets.