Dr. Mauricio Guerrero

Dr. Mauricio Guerrero was born in Santiago Chile. As a teen he played in local rock bands as a multi instrumentalist focusing on drums, bass, keyboards and guitar. In his early 20’s, Mauricio’s group Aparato Raro achieved rock star status and filled stadiums throughout South America. He concurrently attended Universidad de Chile where he studied civil engineering for 3 years before deciding to switch to audio engineering and pursue his passion for a career in music. Soon after graduation he made the move to LA and immediately started working with Humberto Gatica. While with Humberto, Mauricio was privileged to be involved in productions with David Foster, Chicago, Neil Diamond and Celine Dion to name a few.

Moving on, Mauricio got involved in the R&B and Hip Hop scene with artists such as Bell, Biv, Devoe, Sinbad and MC Hammer. Some time after that, he began working with Juan Gabriel, Bebu Silvetti, Chayanne, Placido Domingo, Jose Feliciano, Raphael, Mijares, Lucero and a host of other Latin artists.

In 1994 Mauricio’s work with Harry Kim and The Vine Street Horns led to 3 summer tours and a live CD with the Phil Collins Big Band. During performances at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, Mauricio engineered an award winning documentary based on Phil’s big band approach to his greatest hits.

In 1997 Mauricio received a Grammy for his work on Luis Miguel’s Romances CD. He was also actively involved in the recording of Marc Anthony’s first English language CD.

By now Mauricio’s reputation was respected by many in the industry. Emilio Estefan started flying him to Miami on a regular basis to add his expertise to his most important projects. Mauricio received his 2nd Grammy for Gloria Estefan’s Alma Caribena CD. And the same year received his 3rd Grammy for Shakira’s Unplugged CD.

Upon settling back in LA, Mauricio went through an intense spiritual search and found his Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. From that moment on his focus has been to use his talents to give glory to God.

Once again in 2005, Mauricio was called to work with Shakira on Fijacion Oral Vol I and received 2 additional Grammy’s (2006) for a grand total of 5. One of these last two awards is his most prized Grammy for Best Engineered Recording.

In the last couple of years, Mauricio has been working with legendary songwriter and producer Rudy Perez on projects that range from Beyonce to Los Temerarios.

Currently, Mauricio is building a Christian record label and media company with two partners. His prayers are that the Lord will bless this new endeavor, so the world never stops hearing about His unfailing and immense love and mercy.

At the Cornel School of Contemporary Music at Shepherd University, Mauricio teaches Recording and Music Production.