Academic Advising and Counseling

9969660Designated faculty members and staff advisors serve as academic advisors and counselors to the students. Academic advising and counseling involves both the student and the advisor/academic counselor. A student is welcome to meet with an academic advisor before and during the course registration period each semester. During the meeting, the advisor and the student will examine the student’s study plan and academic records, verify course prerequisites, and choose suitable courses to enroll. Academic advising is also available to students throughout the school year. In addition to helping students plan course schedules, academic advisors may also encourage students to explore their academic options and personal goals in preparation for entering the professional world.

19748868To ensure satisfactory progress of each student, designated administrative staff maintains close contact with the faculty and the teaching assistants to monitor those students who may need extra help. Class attendance records available to the managing staff are used as one input for student counseling. The student would be contacted for counseling when either of the following occurs: (1) The managing staff is informed by any instructor who is concerned about the student’s performance in the class at any checkpoint during the semester or (2) the student has a poor attendance record.