Degree Requirements


To obtain a degree, students must meet the following degree requirements, in addition to the requirements specific to their programs of study.

Grade Point Average Requirement

An overall grade point average of at least 2.0 is required for an undergraduate degree. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for a graduate degree.

Unit Requirement

Each student must complete the total unit requirements for a degree.


Residence Requirement

Undergraduate students must also complete at least 50 percent of the total unit requirement at Shepherd University. Graduate students are allowed to transfer up to 6 credit units from another institution. (Contingent on the program and circumstances, the number of transferable credit may vary.)

Online Lectures

Undergraduate and graduate students may be able to take courses offered by the Shepherd E-Learning Office at Shepherd University’s online campus site ( Additional information can be found in the Shepherd E-Learning Office located on the main campus.


Regularly scheduled chapel services for students, faculty, and staff are held for times of corporate worship, exhortation, and the opportunity to minister. Chapel times strengthen our community as we encourage and pray for one another, share praise reports, and relay important Shepherd announcements. Chapel is on Thursday afternoon in the main campus worship room. Occasionally, a two- or three-day series of chapels is held; such series may include class time on other days.

Chapel attendance (including regular chapels and all specially scheduled chapel services) is required of all students who are enrolled in on-campus courses. Furthermore, Chapel is a component of the graduate requirements that should be fulfilled by attendance (Satisfied/Unsatisfied). If a student is absent for more than 6 sessions, he/she should take Chapel again until the Chapel requirement is met. The following is the minimum number of semesters required for each degree program.

Chapel Requirement
Associate Degree in Nursing 2 Semesters
(CHPL001 & 002)
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Science in Informational Technology
Master of Divinity
4 Semesters
(CHPL001 ~ 004)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1 Semesters
Master of Music
Master of Science in Informational Technology
Doctor of Ministry
2 Semesters
(CHPL001 & 002)

All accounts paid in full

Students are not allowed to graduate if they have unpaid debts to the university.

Graduation Petition

Students must file a graduation petition (which includes a fee) with the Registrar’s Office one semester prior to graduation.