Explanation of Deposits and Fees


Application Fee
New students pay a small fee to cover the processing of their application. Non-refundable.

Registration Fee
A fee is paid by all students once per semester, to cover expenses associated with registration. Non-refundable.

Late Registration Fee
On a designated date during the second half of each semester, we conduct registration for the following semester. Students need to meet with their academic advisor, and turn in the forms to the registrar. A student who does not make his/her appointments and properly submit all paperwork (including the textbook order form) for registration will be charged a late registration fee.

Late Tuition Fee
If student does not pay the tuition by the tuition due day, student will be assessed a late payment charge based on the amount of his/her outstanding balance. An additional 10% of total tuition will be charged for the late tuition fee (5% for RN program), and 15% of total tuition will be charged after a month from the tuition due date. Failure to pay the outstanding balance may result in a hold on the student’s academic records.

Add/Drop Fee
If, after the start of the semester, you realize that you need to drop or add a course, you may do so within a certain period at the beginning of the semester without additional charge. (See the calendar in the front of this catalog for the exact dates.) To add or drop a course after the stated period of the start of the semester, students must pay the Add/Drop Fee for each time.

Student Activity Fee
A fee is paid by all students once per semester to cover expenses associated with student activities.

Student Association Fee
A fee is required for all students. It covers funding for campus clubs, student organizations, and student advocacy efforts, and supports the general operation costs of the Shepherd University Student Association.

Student Service Fee
Required of all students, the Student Service Fee covers services which benefit students and which are complementary to the instructional program. The Fee supports various student services, such as counseling, library access, technology and equipment, student assessment processing, and educational and career support services.

Graduation Service Fee
Upon graduation, candidates will need to submit the graduation check form with the fee. Shepherd University will provide various services including the rental of your graduation robe. This fee offsets the university’s costs for graduation. It covers the cost of the student’s diploma, cap and gown, and all Commencement activities regardless of attendance.

Transcript Fee
Throughout your career you will occasionally need “official” copies of your transcript to be sent to employers or other universities. Shepherd University will send an official transcript upon your request and upon the receipt of the payment of the then-current transcript fee.

Returned Check Charge
If payment is made by check and the check is returned for any reason, we will charge back the amount of the check plus the returned check charge.

Auditing Fee
Auditing a course allows a student to take a class without benefit of a grade or credit for the course. The course is offered only on a space-available basis with the approvals of both the instructor and the dean. A fee will be applied for auditing a course.

Music Individual Instruction (additional)
The music individual instruction fee is charged to students receiving additional private music instruction.

Music Program Facility Fee (per semester)
A fee is paid by students in the Music program. It covers the unlimited use of all School of Music facilities and equipment including practice rooms, performance rooms, library facilities, the MIDI/iMac Lab and Film Scoring Lab, as well as funding student activities such as special events, recital receptions, and semester student gatherings. In addition, the fee covers the use of the Jeff Taylor designed Recording Studio, and the Auditorium for course work and student projects.

Thesis Fee
The Thesis fee is for reviews of thesis or vision statement for Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Study and Master of Divinity students.

Lab ID Fee
A fee is paid by students who enroll in the School of Nursing for acquiring an ID card for the clinical practicum.

Science Lab Fee
Students in some courses perform various laboratory experiments or require special software or equipment. This fee helps offset the cost of lab equipment and consumable items. See the syllabus to determine if a course has a lab fee.

Nursing Lab Fee
This is one-time fee that is used to support courses requiring fee, billed to students on enrollment in to LVN and RN Program and nursing lab courses within the School of Nursing and includes costs for all disposable simulation lab and technology equipment used throughout the program, plus a small equipment replacement cost, the Clinical Skills lab costs, supplies, specialized materials and/or a specialized environment.

Class Make-up Fee (Nursing Program only)
This is a remedial service fee, charged the nursing student who has an unexcused absence in a clinical area; the fee is waived if the student can bring written documents such as doctor’s note, Jury duty, etc.

Clinical Lab Fee
This fee is considered non-refundable, charged for all clinical nursing courses, clinical supplies, membership fees and development fees of clinical placement within the Los Angeles County Area, and clinical gratuity during the practicum. It is also assessed to certain clinical courses to offset steadily rising costs in order to maintain a high quality program.

NCLEX PN/RN Test Preparation Fee
Paid by nursing students for the preparation of the RN or VN License. This preparation course is mandatory for all RN and VN students.

HESI Predictability Model (HPM) Exam Fee
A fee is paid by Associate Degree Nursing Program students who are taking the HESI Predictability Model (HPM) Exam, the test preparation for actually passing the exam.

HESI Package Resource Fee
This is a one-time fee, billed to students on enrollment into the VN program comprised of Practice test, Case studies, Skills video and Specialty exam and HESI EXIT Exam (Predictability exam). All five components are available online and are used throughout the program. The Skill Video with practice test is designed so that students will have a better understanding and can have a visual demonstration of standard nursing skills. The HESI practice Test helps students prepare for the NCLEX-PN exam with practice questions written at the critical thinking level. These online exams test students on their skills in clinical application, and are accompanied by correct answers and detailed rationales. The HESI practice test gives students an opportunity to practice their test taking skills without being graded.

Continuation Fee
An enrollment fee is paid by students who continuously need to enroll without taking courses before the completion of the graduation requirements. The Fee amount corresponds to 1 unit of tuition fee for each program.

C-NET Exam Fee
A fee is paid by Vocational Nursing students who are taking the C-NET, the entrance exam for the VN program.

ESL Activity Fee
This is a mandatory fee for all students in the ESL program. This fee is allocated to student activities in the ESL program including field trips, cultural classes & parties, a tea party with instructors, as well as educational handouts.

ESL Technology Fee
Students that are matriculated into the ESL Department are required to remit a non-refundable Student Technical Fee. The Student Technical Fee will cover the use of the computer laboratory, the use of computer software, online research, and online resources that students will need in order to successfully be promoted to the next level. The Student Technical Fee will also be utilized in the Learning at Your Own Pace (LYOP) elective course which requires that students utilize computer software based on an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).

Lab/Materials/Supplies Fee (Information Technology Program only)
The fee mostly covers expenses for equipment, computers, software and its maintenance in the courses and the laboratories. It also covers main material and supplies commonly used for classes. Some material and supplies that are for personal use may be excluded from the coverage of these fees. The listed fee is an average value and the detailed amount of fee may vary each term. The due for the fee is the same as the tuition deadline.

Note: Uniform and medical equipment costs for undergraduate students are in addition to the fees quoted above and are paid directly to an outside vendor.