Payment Schedule

Tuition and Fees
In order to participate in classes, all students must pay in full all tuition costs and other fees before the scheduled due date. Any students who fail to do so may be banned from attending classes.

Unpaid Accounts
Students who do not maintain current financial accounts with the university will be denied the privilege of classroom attendance beginning five days after the payment is due. Absences will be counted until the payment is made in full or until withdrawal is instituted.

A student whose account is not paid in full (including tuition and fees) by the end of the semester will not be allowed to reenroll in the subsequent semester.

Shepherd makes exceptions to this policy only with the approval of the President. In those cases in which the university elects to make an exception, the student is required to sign and comply with an approved payment agreement. If the student withdraws from the university without paying his or her account in full, the payment plan becomes void, and the university has the right to collect the unpaid amount immediately. Should the university find it necessary to use the services of a collection agency or attorney, the former student is responsible for all court costs, reasonable collection and litigation fees, and up to 200 percent of the balance due.

A student will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies or receive grades, a certificate, a diploma, a degree, a transcript, or a letter of recommendation until all financial obligations have been satisfied in accordance with the university’s financial policies.