Registration Procedures
Registration is processed through the Registrar’s Office. Students are to register in person during the scheduled registration days. Registration forms and the schedule of classes are available at the Registrar’s Office. Late registration is allowed through the first week of class and requires a late registration fee.

23012886Adding and Dropping Courses
Courses may be added or dropped only during the first two weeks of the semester without fee. An Add and Drop fee will be charged after the first two weeks. A student may add and drop courses during the first three weeks of the semester. To drop a course, the student must submit the appropriate form to the Administrative Office within the Add and Drop time period, and the course will not be reflected on the student’s permanent record. In the event of an approved withdrawal from courses after the Add and Drop period, the letter “W” will be entered on the student’s transcript.

Enrollment Status
To maintain full-time status, undergraduate students must register for 12 or more units, and graduate students must register for 9 or more units.

Leave of Absence
A student may interrupt a program of study for any period of time and return to the university without reapplying, provided the student leaves in good academic standing. Note that returning students are subject to the readmission policy stated earlier in this catalog.