Tuition Refunds

Student Right to Cancel and Refund

Students who cancel their enrollment agreement and withdraw during a term may receive a refund of tuition based upon the date they withdraw. Fees are nonrefundable. Students who withdraw by the first class session of a term, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later, are not charged tuition, receiving a 100 percent refund. Students who withdraw on or before 60 percent of the attendance period (term or semester) receive a pro rata refund. No refund is made after 60 percent of the attendance period. Students who receive federal financial aid are entitled to a refund of tuition not paid from federal financial aid.
If the student decides to cancel the agreement, any payment the student has made shall be returned within 45 days following Shepherd’s receipt of the cancellation notice. In order to cancel this agreement with Shepherd, the student shall mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of “Leave of Absence” and “Shepherd University Refund Application” to the pertinent administrative office.

Enrollment Time Weeks Refund
0-6.6% 1 100%
6.7%-13.1% 2 93.3%
13.2%-19.8% 3 86.8%
19.9%-26.5% 4 80.1%
26.6%-33.2% 5 73.4%
33.3%-39.9% 6 66.7%
40%-46.6% 7 60%
46.7%-53.3% 8 53.3%
53.4% to 60% 9 46.6%
After 60% 10~15 0%