Health Services

Health Insurance

The University does not provide coverage for health care, either for illness or in the case of an accident.
The University is covered under an Accident Insurance for activities policy. This policy is secondary to any other applicable individual or group insurance. This policy covers those taking part in a University-sponsored and supervised activity, including scheduled and non-scheduled sports. Coverage is extended while on the University campus. This policy does not cover any disability, medical problems, or illness other than those caused by injury or accident. Please contact the Business Office if you would like details of this policy.
The University strongly recommends that all students maintain personal health insurance. Students who already have insurance through their parents, spouse, or work are advised to be aware of their own coverage regulations and benefits. Some parents’ health plans will only provide coverage if the student receives medical attention in the immediate vicinity of the parents’ residence. The University encourages students to bring all pertinent insurance information with them to school (e.g., name and phone number of insurance company, group number, policy number, parents’ social security numbers). International students are required to bring a proof of current health insurance.


All international students and their families are required to have active health insurance during their stay in the United States. International students are not permitted to register or to continue enrollment at Shepherd University without demonstrating compliance with the insurance requirement. A block will be placed on your account until requirements are met. The University is unable to make any exceptions to this rule.