Pastoral Services

Spiritual Life

Every student at Shepherd University is responsible for pursuing and nurturing his or her relationship with God. The University attempts to facilitate the spiritual life of students through chapel services, church meetings, small groups, and other activities. Students should make use of every opportunity to grow closer to God and to each other through these activities.


Throughout the book of Acts we read how God visits His people when they gather together for times of prayer, worship, the study of God’s Word, accountability, and fellowship. We do this so that the gifts can work in and through us by the power of the Holy Spirit. For students who are preparing for a life of ministry, either in the church or in the world, it is essential that this preparation take place while dynamically linked to the local church. So that new students are encouraged to attend Biblical Preaching churches in the area.


Regularly scheduled chapel services for students, faculty, and staff are held for times of corporate worship, exhortation and the opportunity to minister. Chapel times strengthen our community as we encourage and pray for one another, share praise reports and important Shepherd University announcements. Chapel is on Thursday afternoon at the campus worship room (sanctuary).
Chapel attendance (including regular chapels as well as all specially scheduled chapel services) is required of all students who are enrolled in on-campus courses. Furthermore, Chapel is a part of graduate requirements that should be fulfilled by attendance (Satisfied/Unsatisfied). If a student absents more than 6 sessions, he/she should take Chapel again until the Chapel requirement is met. The following is minimum-required number of semesters to take by degree students.

Program Requirement
Associate Degree in Nursing(LVN to RN, GRN) LVN to RN: 1 Semester
GRN: 2 Semesters
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Science in Informational Technology
Master of Divinity
4 Semesters
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1 Semester
Master of Music
Master of Science in Informational Technology
2 Semesters