Application Process

An Application Packet may be obtained by writing, calling, or e-mailing the Director of Admissions Office:

Director, Admissions Office Shepherd University
3200 N. San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90065
Phone: (323) 550-8888
E-mail: or

If preferred, an application packet may be sent through e-mail. Please specify your preference for a paper or an electronic copy.

New students without prior college experience are strongly advised to request admittance for the fall semester rather than the spring semester.

We recommend that you begin the application process as early as possible. Before we can review your application packet, we must have all of the required documents. From our general experience, it can take several weeks for transcripts, letters of reference, and other key documents to be sent to Shepherd University.

If your application package is completed by the deadline (refer to the calendar at the front of the catalog), we will review your application and will respond promptly with our decision. If your package is missing a few items and the deadline is approaching, please contact our Admissions Office using the contact information above. In special circumstances, we will review your package and offer provisional admission. (You will then be required to complete the package before beginning your courses.)

The application process consists of three steps. All three must be completed before admission to the university is official.

1) Complete an Application File, including:

Undergraduate Program Applicants

  • A completed and signed application form
  • Two recommendation letters
  • An essay (personal and religious background with vision statement)
  • Copy of high school diploma and/or official transcript (or equivalent)
  • Secondary school and college-level transcripts (if applicable)
  • Bible content exam
  • Non-refundable application fee

Graduate Program Applicants

  • A completed and signed application form
  • Three recommendation letters: two academic, one pastoral
  • An essay (personal and religious background with vision statement)
  • College-level transcript which indicates bachelor degree is granted
  • An overall GPA of 2.75 in undergraduate study.(A provisional admission status can be granted below GPA of 2.75)
  • Copy of bachelor diploma for M.Div program; and bachelor and MDiv diploma for D.Min. program
  • Bible contents exam
  • Non-refundable application fee

International Applicants

  • Undergraduate or graduate program applicant requirements as listed above; items not in English should be accompanied by an English translation. Transcripts should include an explanation of the grading system
  • I-20 processing fee. No application can be processed until this fee is received.
  • TOEFL score over 550 or English level test over 4* If a student is below the score or level, he or she can take the 3 unit Theological English course to meet this requirement or pass the qualifying exam.
  • Financial Statement
  • Affidavit of Support

For more details, refer to each department’s admission criteria.

*Minimum TOEFL or IELTS score

Undergraduate Graduate
TOEFL CBT: 173 (TSE 45, TWE 4.0),
IBT: 61 (Speaking 23)
CBT: 213 (TSE 50, TWE 4.5),
IBT: 79-80 (Speaking 26)
(Academic module)
Overall 6.0,
Speaking 6.0Overall 6.5, Speaking 6.0
for BSN program
Overall 6.5,
Speaking 6.5

Arrange for official transcripts to be submitted to the Admissions Office from your high school and, if applicable, from all universities, colleges, or professional schools you’ve attended. (GED or CHSPE may be substituted for high school diploma.) A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent from a recognized school is required for admission into our Master’s programs. If you are still enrolled in high school, then an incomplete transcript (not reflecting graduation) will be sufficient. However, a complete and official transcript (indicating a graduation date) is required upon availability.

2) Letter of Acceptance

University officials will review your Application Package when it is complete. It is our goal to send you written notification within two weeks of the application deadline. At any time, however, you may contact the Admissions Office to inquire about the status of your application.

The letter of acceptance includes information regarding necessary subsequent steps.

Upon your letter of acceptance, you need to read the Student Handbook at and return a signed Community Commitment form (located at the end of the Student Handbook) to the Admissions Office immediately. If you are unable to access the school’s website, the school will send you a hardcopy of the Community Commitment form by mail upon your request.

Along with your acceptance letter you will receive a Physical Readiness Report that is to be completed by a licensed physician and returned to the Admissions Office. You will also be asked to provide a recent photograph of yourself. The photograph will help with recognition at orientation and allow us to better serve you.

Finally, you should submit the tuition deposit along with the Physical Readiness Report and the Community Commitment form in order to confirm your enrollment.

If the university is unable to offer you acceptance for the upcoming semester, we advise you to carefully regard the steps you should take before resubmitting your application.

3) Intent to Enroll

By returning your Physical Readiness Report, the statement regarding the Student Handbook and your tuition deposit, you are informing the university that you intend to enroll and register for classes in the upcoming semester. We will pre-register you in courses, and help you find suitable housing.