2013 Commencement Ceremony

2013 Commencement Ceremony Shepherd University will be holding 2013 Commencement Ceremony at 2pm on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at Mijoo Peace Church in Los Angeles. We would like to congratulate all our graduates for their achievements. It is our hope that all will come and celebrate this very special day [...]


SHEPHERD UNIVERSITY School of Theology BABS COURSE SCHEDULE (Spring 2013) Jan 21, 2013~May 17, 2013 E:Elective R:Required TIME MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 1st Classs 10:30 am~1:30 pm GE Online SB201 GE Online SB203 PT203 E American History Human Growth & Development Preaching Practice Prof. Richard Ziegelman Dr. Christine Orteza [...]


We’ve invited two new faculties. They are going to work from this spring. DR. EDMOND RAZAFIMANANTSOA Dr. Edmond Razafimanantsoa is native of Madagascar. He is an ordained minister of the Reformed Church of Madagascar. He has served as a pastor, chaplain, Bible college and seminary professor.  Before he came back [...]


Spring: Thursday, January 24, 2013 Welcome New and current students are invited to experience Student Orientation at Shepherd University! Be prepared for fun, informative, and meaningful events. The Student Orientation will help you to be acquainted with faculty, staff and students so that you can feel at home, settle in, [...]


Welcome You are welcomed to join and enjoy God in worship. Regularly scheduled chapel services for students, faculty, and staff are held for times of corporate worship, exhortation and the opportunity to minister. Chapel times strengthen our community as we encourage and pray for one another, and share praise reports [...]


There will be a prayer night once per month to promote spiritual growth through prayer and worship after class. The schedule will be arranged and posted monthly. If you have question or prayer concerns, contact Dr. Witness Oh at extension 8230.


SOT Forum will be held twice a semester to promote scholarly activities among faculty and students. Faculty and students will take turns to present topics and guide the forum. If you have topic to present or to recommend contact Dr. Peter Kwon at extension 8120


BABS Dr. Witness Oh at extension 8230. MDiv Dr. Peter Kwon at extension 8120 Dr. Edmond Razafimanantsoa, Assistant Director at extension 8204. DMin Dr. Paul Kwon at extension 8202. You need to take privileges to have mentoring sessions twice a semester at the beginning and ending parts of semester so [...]