Jan 21, 2013~May 17, 2013 E:Elective R:Required

1st Classs

10:30 am~1:30 pm
GE Online SB201 GE Online SB203 PT203 E
American History Human Growth & Development Preaching

Prof. Richard

Dr. Christine

Dr. Sun Young Choi
2nd Class

2:00~5:00 pm
  PT435 R
  Vision &

Mission of Life
  Dr. Shalom Kim

5:00~6:00 pm

 PT350-355  CHPL001,002,003,004
Field Education SHEPHERD

Dr. Witness Oh Dr. Paul Kwon
3rd Class

6:00~9:00 pm
CH101 R OT201 R ET101 R ST 300 R
Church History 1 Pentateuch Bible Study

Methods &
Theological Writing
Actual Spirituality

(Action Theology)
Dr. Peter Kwon Dr. Witness Oh Edmond R Dr. David Kum
* This schedule can be changed without notice.


CH101 Church History 1 (3 units) _____Mon 6:00-9:00 PM
Required by BABS Program_____Dr. Peter Kwon
Prerequisite: None
Major goals will include studying the formation, development and perishment of Christian Church; identifying the relation between context and doctrine; studying the tradition of Christianity under diverge political power; identifying historical events, ecclesiastical answers and missions. This course is designed for 3 units of theory for 45 hours.

ET101 Bible Study Methods & Theological Writing (3 units)_____Wed 6:00-9:00 PM
Required by BABS Program_____Edmond R
Prerequisite: None
This course is an introduction to the tools and methods needed to interpret Scripture. Students gain an understanding of how to use biblical research tools and to integrate materials in an effective and hermeneutically acceptable manner. This course is designed for 3 units of theory for 45 hours.

OT201 Pentateuch (3 units) _____Tue 6:00-9:00 PM
Required by BABS Program_____Dr. Witness Oh
Prerequisite: OT101
This course introduces Old Testament biblical literature, hermeneutics, and inductive methodology with a primary focus on the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). Students learn to observe the overall structure of these books, their historical settings, and modern approaches to their literary analysis. Especially Students learn to interpret the Pentateuch from the view of Eschatological God’s holy war and be encouraged to apply the insights from the books to their own contexts in this post-modern world. This course is designed for 3 units of theory for 45 hours.

PT203 Preaching Practice (3 units)_____Thur 10:30-1:30 PM
Electable by BABS Program_____Dr. Sun Young Choi
Prerequisite: PT102 Preaching
This class focuses on an actual practice in preaching a sermon for the effective preaching ministry. Through this class, students learn various types of theories and communication methods for preaching. Also, they understand their own preaching styles and spirituality as preachers in this postmodern world. This course is designed for 3 units of theory for 45 hours.

ST300 Actual Spirituality & Action Theology (3 units)_____Thur 6:00-9:00 PM
Required by BABS Program_____Dr. David Kum
Prerequisite: None
Actual Spirituality is designed to equip men and women of Shepherd University with the practical and experiential spiritual theory of the founder of Shepherd University. Particular focus is given to the transformation of Christians’ life with action and work which develops a sound spirituality to have one’s faith in the word of God and action in life go hand in hand. Based on the Bible and the study of biblical scholars it promotes that actual spirituality is the way to witness true faith and what Jesus wants in our lives. This is a study to research how faith and action are related with logical basis and biblical contents and to find differences between spirituality with and without action and to establish a direction for true Christians to follow through the theory of founder.
It will be a guideline of the main theological stream of Shepherd University which is composed of systematic theology and practical theology. This course is designed for 3 units of theory for 45 hours.

PT435 Vision and Mission of Life (3 units) _____Thur 2:00-5:00 PM
Required by BABS Program_____Dr. Shalom Kim
Prerequisite: None
The purpose of this course is to develop the ability to recognize and study one’s vision and mission of life and know how to apply them to the in various vocational settings that one encounters. This course will survey various biblical and current personages who have set good examples to follow, regarding their visions and the completion of Gods’ vision and mission of man in their daily lives. Through this course students will be able to pinpoint and sharpen their vision through their analysis of their past, present and future in a temporal sense; their temperament in the psychological sense; social demands from vocational sense; and gifts & talents from a spiritual perspective. At the end of class students will be able to state their firm vision and have substantial plan to complete their vision and mission in life. This course is designed for 3 units of theory for 45 hours.