We’ve invited two new faculties.
They are going to work from this spring.


    Dr. Edmond Razafimanantsoa is native of Madagascar. He is an ordained minister of the Reformed Church of Madagascar. He has served as a pastor, chaplain, Bible college and seminary professor.  Before he came back to the US, Razafimanantsoa has served as the General Secretary of the Federation of the Protestant Churches in Madagascar and chair of the New Testament department at the Reformed University of Madagascar. He earned a Ph.D degree in New Testament Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary (dissertation title: The Demonic Motif in the Structure of the Gospel of Mark), a Th. M degree from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and a MDiv. and a BABS degree from the Reformed University of Madagascar. Razafimanantsoa’s course focuses on hermeneutics, the gospels and Jesus, Second Temple Judaism and the Greco-Roman world. He is married and has three children.


    Dr. Sun Choi graduated from Azusa Pacific Graduate School of Theology with a Doctor of Ministry. Before joining at Shepherd, he served at Boeing North American Inc. being involved in the Space Shuttle Main Engine and Space Station Program as a Structural Stress Analysis Engineer; also he taught and served as Assistant Professor, Associate Dean of Distance Education, and Chief Financial Officer at World Mission University, He also was a founding member and lay leader of a local church in Los Angeles for over 20 years. With his unique background as a tentmakering lay leader as well as seminary faculty and administrator he will bring rich experience and wisdom in serving students with similar experience and vision for the Kingdom in the marketplace through his teaching and mentoring in the area of spiritual formation, leadership and other practical theology. He is married has a daughter.