Students receive a considerable discount in their expenses because of generous educational grants given to the university by various donors. Many churches and individuals who have great concern for the students as future leaders have already contributed to support the students’ education.

The information provided in this section reflects Shepherd University’s education prices for the 2012~2013 academic year. These rates are subject to change without notice through the actions of the Board of Directors. The university reserves the right to assess new charges in relation to rising costs.

Tuition information

Program Degree Tuition
Unit Term (minimum)
N/A $593 per unit
(On Campus)
$335 per unit
Theology B.A.B.S.
$335 per unit $3,000 per term (12~18 units)

General Fees

General Fees
Application Fee Degree and Certificate Program: $120
Extension Language Program: $60
Registration Fee $20
Late Registration Fee $100
Late Tuition Fee 10% of Tuition (15% after a month)
5% of Tuition for RN Program
Add/Drop Fee $10
Student Activity Fee $50
Student Association Fee $15
Student Service Fee $215
Graduation Check Associate $200
Undergraduate $300
Official Transcript Fee $10 per copy
Unofficial Transcript Fee $5 per copy
Returned Check Fee $35 per check
Auditing Fee
Undergraduate 30% of a unit price/ each program
Thesis Fee
Undergraduate $150